Second Hand Sex Revisited

Sure, enjoying porn is no purview of just us gay boys, and a recent survey conducted by Cosmo magazine showed that a third of all men, str8 and gay, watch porn every day, and seventy one percent of guys 18-34 who should be young enough to get the real deal watch porn at least once a month.

But according to Psychology Today, “Gay men watch more porn, have larger porn stashes, search for more porn online, subscribe to porn sites more often, maintain more subscriptions at the same time, and renew their subscriptions more often. But these greater numbers might simply be the result of a lack of interference by women: in general, gay men are more tolerant of their partners watching porn than women are.”

What’s most interesting, though, is the revelation by psychologists that continued use of hard core porn rewires the brain. Porn is not only addictive; it replaces real world sexual experiences and can actually deaden not enhance a person’s actual sexual relationships with real people.

Sound familiar?

How many of us – and I count myself in those numbers – are constantly titillated by “conversations” we have with guys on the phone apps and hookup sites or even Facebook, or, fuck, let’s be honest, by just their hard dick pics, to the point that our memory tracks of those fantasy fucks are carried over to the bedroom to make what might have been a less than satisfying encounter more, well, erectionable.

And just like the shrinks theorize, I’m also convinced a lot of guys, not just us older gents but young, with- it men too are coming to prefer virtual wireless sex over the real deal. That’s why cruising is fast becoming an extinct bar art (notice how many guys are fuckin’ around on their phones instead of looking at the scenery?), the baths are for old school fags, with the emphasis on the word “old”, who are trying to relive the days when they were still hot; and how many actual web dates never really seem to meet our expectations.

Hell, of course there’s a lot of shit on Manhunt and bear411 profiles, or Growl’r where I can have a ten minute hot time with a guy halfway around the world who doesn’t even know English. But I also used to be a big fan of and its spontaneous, unscripted amateur porn. Of late, though, I’ve become addicted to

Yep, it’s a paid site, but nothing gets me gonna quicker than watching some hunk have his way with another hot dude who’s all tied up and can’t do a fucken thing about it.

Poor baby.

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