You Know What this Droopy Economy Needs to Get an Erection? More Gay Marriage!

Fuck all those businesses who don’t want to do business with those of us who wanna get hitched – they’re the losers in the end. Eco experts in Colorado where we’re still waiting estimate approving SSM would add 50 mil to the state’s economy. And already gay marriage with all the typical marriage trappings – receptions, limos, flowers, pics, videos, honeymoon suites, and let’s not forget the ring boy – has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars – not millions but hundreds of millions – into the economies of these states that have legalized SSM. Some same that figure could top one billion dollars if we could get married anywhere we wanted.

It’s given NYC a size queen’s $259 million dollar shot in the arm, $110 mil in California and hell, Iowa in the heart of the Bible Belt, yet a gay marriage state early in the game, reaped the profits from Chicago couples who crossed the state line and spent their wedding dollars there. (Illinois goes rainbow June 1).
Remember, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and the rest of you, federal recognition of gay marriage means I don’t have to reside in a state that recognizes gay marriage. I can live in Fort Lauderdale and get married in Manhattan and still file joint federal income taxes, benefit from the social security survivor benefits, etc.

And I haven’t even touched on other benefits to local economies like additional tax revenues, more home and condo sales , etc., etc.

Imagine if the rest of the tight assed states got on board?

You don’t have to love us to love our money.

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