Is Meningitis a new STD?

Now some public health officials are advising promiscuous gay men to be vaccinated against invasive meningitis, relatively uncommon and less contiguous than the flu but which if not caught early can cause permanent brain damage or death.

The numbers right now are small, but in a recent outbreak in LA, another party town for us gay boys, four of the eight men who came down with the illness had sex with other men and three were HIV positive. The three who died were in their twenties and two were HIV positive. (What somebody in their twenties is doing being HIV positive is absurd enough.) And about a third of the meningitis cases reported in LA county since the fall of 2012 involved practicing homosexuals. Again, like HIV, transmission is by bodily fluids; in this case salvia and mucous are the culprit. (“Spit on it, fucker, spit on it!”)

Could this be 1980 all over again?

Let’s hope not.

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