Now “The Questioning” Are Thrown Into the LGBT Sandbox? Huh??

I’ve noticed that some of the perpetually politically correct jerks who write for our weekly gay rags lately have added a new caboose to the already overly long and getting-weary name the gay media calls our community. Now our sandbox isn’t just filled with gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. No, now we’ve got a new social outlier: “the questioning.”

Who the fuck are they supposed to be?

Right off, and I know I’m goin’ to piss off some of you when I say this, and I’ve said it before, I’m a gay man who likes gay men. Period. No apologizes. No guilty feelings of not being inconclusive. Not that I got anything against everybody else who’s vying for the same pail and shovel that I am in our little sandbox, but, Jesus! – hear me out:

1. Sorry retrofem twinks, and Ru Paul wannabes, I’m a homo who wants a regular, average, unadultered, guy I can bring home to mother (if the bitch were still living).

2. I got nothing in common with lesbians who have a totally different psychology goin’ on than us gay guys. And they’re women – I got enough of them elsewhere in my shitty life.

3. Bisexuals can be fun like “str8” married men and those younger guys who claim to be pan sexual and swing both ways without blinking an eye. But my conviction is if you like your own sex in bed, chances are you’re gonna prefer that sex over the opposite one.

4. Transgenders can do whatever they like, but how can I as a gay guy who loves his dick and other guys’ dicks have any affinity to guys who voluntarily have theirs chopped off because upstairs they think like women?

OK, now that I’ve got that out of the way, we’re back to my original question.

Who the fuck are “the questioning?”

Confused prepubescents?

Guys married forty years to a woman who they had children by who are still wondering why the 17 year old jock bagging their groceries gives them a woody?

Priests or nuns who used religious life as a cover and now want it all?

I don’t fucken know – do you?

If the “questioning” need a gay guy to talk to to better understand themselves, fine, (buy me dinner), or better, go to a shrink. But make them another subset of us? Huh?? What’s next? Guys and gals who like, I mean REALLY like their Fidos?

All I can say, when you, “the questioning,” have stopped questioning and made up your mind what gets your motor running, let me know. If you’re cute and interested, maybe I’ll even break you in. But until you know who you are:

Stay out of my sandbox!

2 thoughts on “Now “The Questioning” Are Thrown Into the LGBT Sandbox? Huh??

  1. B

    Kudos on all points.

    However, the “Q” doesn’t always mean Questioning. It also means Queer. I know on the surface that might seem redundant, but there are actually people who only identify as Queer, if anything at all. I see it as a sort of catch-all to toss the ones that don’t fit neatly into the L,G,B or T bins very comfortably. There are numerous identities out there, such as “straight” guys who will only date trans women, to people who are a-sexual either by choice or by nature. Some may even put a “straight-gay” guy into the Q slot, for not living up to the stereotypical gay boi archetype that is commonly expected of him.

    But most importantly, because our society as a whole isn’t evolved enough to relate to anything they can’t slap a label on first before deciding whether its worthy of acceptance into the Collective, or condemnation by it. Because you know, all us unsavory faggot-types must come from the same blood line to be the way we are.

    Anyway, yeah. I’ve seen the Q refer to both Questioning and Queer, depending on who is using it and what they’re talking about at the time. Not sure which it is supposed to be officially. Never cared to find out.

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