A Couple of Things

• I recognize that all the hype and memorializing surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing and, in the more distant but still painful past, 9/11 (I was there) are about healing and patriotism and defiance and all that good stuff.

But rarely does the media bring up the cold hard reality that both incidents could have been prevented if our multi-billion dollar intelligence machine had done its job. 9/11 happened because the FBI and CIA were like rival siblings and weren’t talking to one another; and the Russians – our great comrades the Russians – warned us about the Boston Bombing brothers’ contacts with terrorists on the other side but nothing was followed up on.

Could it be all these ceremonies and wreath layings and profiles on survivors are meant to be some kind of elixir to deaden a terrible guilt trip?

• I’m addicted to “The Good Wife” and “Mad Men,” two of the most intelligently written shows on TV right now. But their increasing dark sides and, in particular, all the nasty office politics, rivalries and out and out back stabbing remind me of the shit I witnessed and experienced during my 30+ years as a PR exec in NYC. I know it makes for good TV but It’s almost come to a point I don’t want to watch the shows because they’ve become too painfully nostalgic. Yet, like a moth hovering around the flame, I know I still will.

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