Are The ‘Pubs Try to Sabotage Hillary?

First there’s all this shit stirring about Benghazi, secret e-mails and twisted fact sheets. Give me a break! Who the fuck cares outside, of course, the affected families, Fox News who has airtime to fill and Republican congressmen. So what if Hillary did fuck up? Is she the first politico to ever fuck up in D.C.? The reality remains that the men there are dead and all the fact finding and mud-slinging ain’t gonna change that. Fix the damn problem so it doesn’t happen again – which they won’t – and move on.

Now I see Monica Lewinsky has been dug up out of obscurity and has suddenly decided to open up about her little tryst with Bill “I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman” Clinton. She claims it’s out of some sense of “global humiliation’ but funny it’s happening now, huh?

So are the ‘Pubs already at work to besmirch Hillary’s rep even before she officially throws her purse in the ring, or maybe to discourage her from doing it at all? They know they ain’t got nobody who would come close to beating her. Not Shifty Christie, or Super Stiff Rubio, and I don’t think even the moderate Jeb Bush. I mean, do we really need or want another man from the same damn family? The first two weren’t that great to begin with.

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