Pampered Pooches


Well, Florida is not only the sunshine capital of the U.S.,
the warmest place in the Lower Forty-Eight in February, and the site of the highest HIV rate in the country. Now, Fort Lauderdale and a number of other Florida destinations made the top ten list as cities with the most pampered pooches.

No wonder my vet’s office building looks like the Taj Mahal.

But why shouldn’t we spoil them? Besides all that unconditional love, it’s great sleeping with something warm and furry who doesn’t demand you bang him at four in the morning. (Unless, of course, you like, really like your dog.) Hell, my partner and I have buried eleven dogs (and one cat), and right now he’s got a big sloppy bloodhound and I’ve got my two mini-doxies and a terrier-Chihuahua mix who follow me around everywhere like I was the Piped Piper.

As I’ve said before, next life I wanna come back as a dog to two rich gay boys who have an Upper East Side townhouse, a house on Fire Island or the Hamptons – I’m not particular – and a condo in Lauderdale. And I want my dog bed to be facing the beach.

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