Is Florida’s AG a Bimbo Barbie Doll or Does She Just Look Like One?

Florida, with one of the largest gay populations in the country where gay residents and visitors pump billions into the state economy, is still fighting gay marriage. (What do you expect from a state that didn’t desegregate its schools til 1970?) This, while just about every state faced with test lawsuits has inevitably capitulated to the Supreme Court ruling that a ban is unconstitutional. Period.

But no, Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi, who honestly looks like Bachlorette Barbie, our 21st century Anita Bryant, is still standing behind a referendum in 2008 in which Floridians voted against gay marriage. 2008! With the way things are moving that might as well have been 1908! Recent polls indicate a majority of Florida residents have no issues with gay marriage but Bondi insists sanctioning same-sex hook-ups would do “harm.” What harm? Hell, most states like New York that have legalized same-sex marriage have received a windfall in revenues they wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Or she says that only str8 married couples can bring up kids. Yea, sure, str8’s have done a fab job in that department haven’t they, Pam?

Plus, you can’t use the results of a six year old referendum or one taken today, even if most Floridians were still against ssm, as justification. Were voters in Alabama or Mississippi or Georgia asked back in the ‘50’s if they agreed with the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding desegregation?

Hell no!

And again as I’ve said before, the Supreme Court shouldn’t have wimped out and should have just said this ain’t a states’ rights issue as Pretty Pam claims it is. Will somebody remind her that the South lost the Civil War over its states’ rights bullshit 150 years ago?

Unconstitutional means unconstitutional.

Hell, you don’t have to like us but you sure as shit have to respect us.

P.S. Holier-than-thou Pam, who’s become the self-appointed protector of the sacred institution of marriage, has been divorced – yep, twice. Maybe her stance is all reverse-psychology. In reality, she wants gays to marry so they can pay the same divorce lawyer bills she had to.

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