F*#k Disney!

This was the headline of an ad in one of our gay rags this week for Bills, Fort Lauderdale’s bear watering hole, which brought a grin to even my jaded face. For those of you not up on Florida gay cultural events, this weekend is Gay Days at Disney when thousands of gay guys and gals converge on Disney World in Orlando for camaraderie and some fun. And God bless ‘em, hope they have a super weekend.

But just a couple of things cynical I want to point out:

Neither Disney World nor the Disney Corporation has ever sanctioned “Gay Days” as an official Disney event; but:

Disney just loves the gays who come and spend money at what could be a slow time for the parks when “Season” here in Florida is over, and family summer vacations won’t kick in for another month when the kids are out of school. (Are we allowing ourselves to be just a teensy weensy exploited? Of course not!)

So say hello to Mickey Mouse for me, will ya? And while you’re at it, apologize to him about one of his cousins that my mini-doxie huntress Annie nailed last week on the living room rug.

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