What It Should Be …

Most of the man-to-man encounters I have of late have been so mechanical or methed-up, I was beginning to wonder if it’s time to hang up my jock strap. Maybe it’s Lauderdale’s “cum-dump” mentality, maybe it’s because I’ve been there, done that and have played the scene too long, or maybe it’s just – perish the thought! – old age.

Then Luis came along last night on Manhunt, just a day before my departure for the summer to the wilds of PA and my partner who thinks sex is spelled M-e-t-s, and my faith in gay life was restored. Luis asked if I could come to his place a half hour away and after looking at his pics, I didn’t hesitate.

Yet we know pics can be deceiving, and I also wondered if my slim, furry 5’6” bottom guy, early forties, was timid and withdrawn as his pics seemed to project which is not a turn-on for me. Hey, I may do the fucking, but I still want to be with a guy who is sure of himself.

But no problems with Luis, a Guatemalan transplant who had a good job in Miami, and while his English needed work, his loving didn’t. After we got into it, he told he had seen me, shirtless as usually, seven years ago – SEVEN years ago – in a now defunct dance bar and wanted me from that moment. As I did him, as soon as I saw him standing in the flesh in his kitchen. Boyishly handsome, masculine, bearded, hairy like me, with a tight body, he started the caressing and stroking and kissing even before we got to the bedroom. And for the first time in a very long time I can honestly say, I made love to another man where erect cocks – though ours remained pretty stiff the whole three hours we were together – were secondary. We were like two fur rugs and were almost constantly stroking one another’s hairy legs and back and abs and chest, reveling in our mutual masculinity, when our mouths weren’t elsewhere, right to the moment we shot our loads.

And beyond.

So yea, in this hi tech age where sex for many guys is dirty talk and dirty pics, or flesh-to-flesh sex is a 7 minute fuck or blow job, the magic can still happen between two guys.

I know now because it happened to me last night with Luis.

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