The Supreme Court “Abortion” Ruling: Are WE In Trouble?

Here’s my take on the Supreme Court’s rather split ruling that allows companies whose owners have strong religious beliefs to sidestep Obamacare’s birth control provisions (not that I’m planning to get pregnant any day soon):

First, where will it stop? I know the Court earlier ruled businesses can’t discriminate against gays just because they don’t like us, but if companies start using religion as the reason why they can’t or want to do something, where does it end? Or where will it lead to? Even if discrimination happens and individuals and groups win in the courts, aren’t we gays wasting enough money going through all these test cases re. gay marriage in states who still haven’t woke up? I think the only ones making out with all this are the lawyers.

Secondly, the Court – at least its tight-assed male justices who outvoted the females– justified their decision that if Obama gave exemptions to faith-based organizations, like Catholic hospitals as just one example, how could he not do the same for companies whose owners hold strong beliefs?

Frankly they’re right.

Like I said before, NO business regardless what its mission has a right to refuse services on religious grounds IF it accepts federal dollars, be they business loans or grants, or Medicare/Medicaid funding if it’s a hospital, or business write-offs on its federal tax return. OK, have the customer/patient/client sign a statement where they acknowledge that you don’t condone XYZ service, but as a secular business or community organization you WILL provide XYZ service in the interests of EVERYONE.


Hope not just women but gays and others around the country who agree boycott Hobby Stores till they go out of business.

Or file Chapter 11 first – and, of course, get federal protection.

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