He Looks Like a Great Catch, But …

They’re out there in the thousands, those super handsome, super personable guys with great jobs and sound finances still searching, so they say, for an LTR at 42 or 52, you know, the guys you wonder why they haven’t been snatched up a long time ago.

Why? Because they often carry a lot of excess baggage which may not be noticeable when you see them on the beach or in the bar attracting stares like a magnet.

Like Jack, a trader in a Lauderdale branch office of one of the big Wall Street firms, and Men’s Fitness cover material, who’s so likeable it hurts.

Til you find out he also loves his coke.

Or Carlos with the body, face, dick and butt of a porn star who owns a string of restaurants and a South Beach condo on the water whose definition of a romantic evening is you fisting him all night til your carpal tunnel syndrome acts up while he lays there showing as much emotion as a dead goldfish.

Or Ted, a multi-millionaire real estate developer, tall, beefy, hairy – you get the picture – who says he loves you to shit on the first date, then proceeds to tell you how to run your life. Down to what color underwear he’ll allow you to buy. A control freak’s control freak.

How do I know? I fucked around with the first two and almost married the third.

But almost is a real big word.

So the next time you see one of these Beautiful People with the oh-so-sexy graying temples, take a deep breath.

It may all be skin deep.

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