Brain Drain

In one of the most colossal acts of stupidity ever perpetrated, not only did almost 300 people lose their lives in that crash in battle-ridden Ukraine. The world and we who were the first demographic to be plundered by the genocide lost some of the globe’s top AIDS experts who were on their way to an international AIDS conference in Australia.

While their colleagues, in mourning them, made it a point that the work would go on, as one commentator put it almost prophetically:

“Who knows, one of them might have been near a cure.”

So they’ll figure out who did it or aided and abided the jerks – so what? So they draw and quarter ‘em and their execution on TV draws more viewers than the World Cup? So ? Things won’t change, and if Russia is the behind-the-scenes instigator, what can Obama do without getting into another protracted conflict we don’t want after Iraq and Afghanistan and we can’t afford? Or what will Europe do since Putin has it by the balls, supplying so many of its countries with natural gas and oil?

Meanwhile, the world , and, yes, we gays and the thousands of other heteros in poor countries that can’t even get the meds we have access to, have been fucked again.

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