Gays to Supreme Court: Just Do It!

Gays to Supreme Court: Just Do It!

Millions of dollars in legal and court fees are being wasted by both those fighting for gay marriage as well as those fighting against it, as state judges deem a ban is unconstitutional, followed by a knee jerk action by many states to hold up the ruling in appeals. This charade is going on right now in at least half a dozen states.

Ah, but the attorney general of Utah, a state appealing a judge’s ruling, has decided to skip the appeals process and take its fight right to the Head Man: the Supreme Court. Its reason is pragmatic: it would cost as much money – an estimated three hundred thousand dollars – whether it went to a lower court or the SC, so why bother with the middleman.

We all know the Supreme Court doesn’t release decisions on controversial issues til the very last week or even day of its term so that the judges are long gone, hunting, fishing, globe-trotting or doing whatever Supreme Court justices do on their recess.

That means, assuming the high court even agrees to hear the case, no decision will come down until the end of June of 2015.

At the earliest.

Given its ruling this past June – that state bans violate our constitutional rights – chances are the Court will once and for all make it clear not allowing us to marry is wrong. Or they may wimp out again (it should have said “that’s it, just do it” like the Court did back in the fifties with school desegregation) and throw this hot potato back to the appeals courts. If that turns out to be the case, we have a long, hard road ahead of us, fighting these bans, state by state, which will take years.

In the meantime, the only ones smiling are the lawyers on both sides of the fence.

Think the justices know that and are getting a piece of the action?

Just askin’.

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