I Was Never a Celebrity Fanatic …

I Was Never a Celebrity Fanatic …

… many of the people we idolize in show biz, as talented as they are, just got lucky (how many Barbara Streisands are out there that weren’t in the right place at the right time), and even the Pope has to visit that little room every morning.

But what strikes me most about Robin Williams, one of those truly one-of-a-kind talents, hanging himself is how apparently all the success in the world – he enjoyed ten times the success most people would only dream of – means nothing if you’re not happy in your own skin no matter how you try to change things. Look at literary giant Ernest Hemingway who shot himself, or pop culture’s queen Marilyn Monroe who was a psychiatric basket case, to pick just two names out of the hat.

Ironically it’s often this failing that makes the most creative among us, well, iconic.

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