Double Standards?

Double Standards?

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Ferguson. The Bay Earthquake. ISIS.

Maybe we need a break for a moment from ugly reality and dwell on something more pleasant.

Like the male anatomy.

Or more specifically, what I think is a double standard when it comes to what TV, the mainstream web, social media and even film are willing to show of male private parts versus female. A legit movie loaded with boobs barely gets a yawn anymore, but male “frontal nudity” is a boost to box office. Or take a typical Victoria’s Secret commercial where stunning, voluptuous specimens of female perfection prance around in lascivious poses with practically nothing on while all most Hanes commercials for men’s underwear show is the package – the cellophane kind I mean.

What brought this to mind is the multimillion dollar lawsuit against Facebook by a girl who claims FB failed to take down a bogus profile of her posted by some ex-friend. Out for twisted revenge, the ex depicted the gal in the nude, using Photoshop magic to stick her head on some fetching naked chicks.

All I can tell you is when I post a pic on my FB page with a little too much bulge showing: (a) FB tells me to take it down or be banished from its cyber-kingdom; (b) some evil queen reports me and FB tells me to take it down or be banished; or (c) FB plays censor and never posts it to begin with. (Ask me about my infamous but innocent shower scene.) So how, pray tell, was this female porn obviously in violation of FB’s community standards up for MONTHS even after the gal who was wronged asked them to remove it?

Again, are we talking double standards here? Female curves are okay but male bumps aren’t?

As for that other gal who participated of her own free will on “Dating Naked” and is now suing the producers for not blurring out her pubes, and lost her bf in the process – please! He was okay with her being on the show but heaven forbid if her pubic hairs showed? – I think the one who would feel a lot more embarrassed would be her male date mate if his pecker was showing and he turned out not to be as well-endowed as he bragged to his buds.

2 thoughts on “Double Standards?

  1. Me

    Simple: The majority of entertainment media is produced by old straight men. Not created by necessarily, but produced by – meaning paid for, and they’re only going to pay for what they want to see or what they think the majority of their audience wants to see, And the majority of TV today is still geared towards straight white men, which is why we have half-naked bitches with their fake tits hanging out eating hamburgers and selling fuckin weed killer. It’s also why most of the heroes on tv are still straight white men. But there is some change happening. Don’t forget about the K-mart commercial from christmas 2013 – the jingle balls – how many people raised all kinds of hell about that one? That it was vulgar and they didn’t want their kids seeing it, disrespectful to the holiday and jesus, blah blah. I saw it a few times, but it didn’t air too much once the first round of showings happened and Fox news started complaining about it. Then there was also the flaming gay guys decorating the tree and each other in their boxers while their hag sang some holiday tune promoting obamacare. There was more uproar over that one and how the world was coming to an end but it still aired at least a few times. And if you want to get a peak at male frontal nudity, just check out the intro to True Blood – for the last 7 years they’ve been flashing us all a guys pubes and half his cock every sunday night. It just happens so fast you pretty much have to pause it to catch it, but it’s there. FX is a bit daring too with how much male flesh it shows on various series (and its a FOX-owned station). More will come.

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