From Amos Lassen Reviews on My New Book, “The Czar of Wilton Drive”

czar fb5“Here we meet twenty-one year old Jonathan Antonucci; a young man newly out of the closet. He has no sooner come out when he became a very wealthy guy. His uncle Charlie died unexpectedly and left him his estate that included several of the most successful bars in Wilton Manors, Ft. Lauderdale’s gay ghetto. At such a young age, Jon became the owner of lucrative businesses. Of course Jon had to relocate and on when he got to Florida, he met some of his uncle’s “friends” and business associates. Before he even has a chance to realize what is happening to him, he finds himself as part of the drug and sex scene in Fort Lauderdale. He also uncovered his uncle’s memoirs and learns some surprising information about himself as well as hints as to what really happened to his uncle who supposedly died of a massive heart attack. He soon sees that he has to make a decision—should he avenge his uncle’s death or should he continue loving the man who caused it to happen.

This is the first book by author R.P. Andrews that I have read but let me tell you that I was pulled into the plot with the very first page. The character of Jon is so skillfully created that you instantly feel that you have known him all your life. The plot is neatly constructed with twists turns and the prose is excellent. This is one of those reads that just takes you along and dominates as you read and you do not have to think about anything but getting lost in the story.”

Available now from Kokoro Press and on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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