ISIS, Wall Street and The Cloud

ISIS, Wall Street and The Cloud

There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that ISIS is out to get us. And add to that, a dozen jets are missing from Libya’s airports, there are American citizens among the ISIS ranks who with their American passports can re-enter the US with no problem since we don’t know who they are, and tomorrow is the anniversary of 9/11.

What the fuck are we waiting for?

Nuke ‘em! Regrettably there will be innocent civilian casualties, but would you rather see Americans in body bags?

Meanwhile, despite all the shit going on in the Middle East and Putin flashing his bull balls in Eastern Europe, Wall Street continues its meteoric rise.

Another example of the separation of the One Percent not only from the rest of us but reality too?

Finally, I’d take the hacking of all those nude pics of Jennifer Lawrence and her cohorts as a publicity stunt though Lawrence hardly needs a PR boost at this point in her career But though I admit my data storage needs are not tremendous – USB’s work just fine for me – I was skeptical about “The Cloud” right from the get-go.

Turn my stuff over to a third party up there in Cyber-Heaven where it’s no longer under my dirty little fingers?

No fucken way!

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