What the Hell Were They Thinking?

What The Hell Were They Thinking?

It’s been all over the news in Fort Lauderdale this week: two retired professional well-heeled gay guys take in a 50 year old, still sexy man they meet at the gym who’s got a mile long felony record, and is a dopie and dope dealer, in the hopes they can rehab him and get him back on track. Eight months into this rescue mission, the guy, high on drugs, pissed off, or just plain crazy, pulls a gun on them in their home. The partners barricade themselves in the bathroom and call 911. The police converge on the place, Crazy comes out, wielding his gun and taunting the cops to shoot him. Which they do. Dead. Suicide by Cop.

First off, I don’t believe for a New York minute the cover story that these guys were honestly trying to help a deadbeat. More likely, he was their toy boy (hey, even a fifty year old can be a boi if he’s still cute). Only their toy proved defective and should have been put on the recall list, not the sales floor.

What the fuck were these guys thinking? Two educated, intelligent, successful men taking in a total loser they know does drugs? Huh?!?

But this is not the first time I’ve heard this cautionary tale of older gay men who retire to Florida totally naïve about the scene and the scammers and predators who inhabit it. A buddy of mine, again financially comfortable, who divorced his wife after forty years to live the life of an urban gay gentlemen, took in a still pretty HIV-poz methhead who had absolutely nothing but who won my friend’s heart. “But he loves me,” sniffled my buddy till he found the guy’s drug paraphernalia around his condo and threw him out. Two months later, my friend discovered all his gold jewelry was gone. (Duh.) As I told him, he was lucky that’s all that happened to him.

So what’s the lesson here?

If they’re a good fuck, just fuck ‘em. Don’t have them move in with you.

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