Just Out: My New Romantic Gay Novella, “Not In It For the Love”

Just Out: My New Romantic Gay Novella, “Not In It For the Love”

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From Totally Bound Press and on Amazon.

Set at the turn of the new millennium,. “Not In It For the Love” is the story of Josh, a young street-smart Florida drifter who runs away from his drug addicted parents to play a male hustler in a cheap Key Largo motel run by his uncle. It’s there that Bishop, a Wall Street power broker finds him and sets him up as his trophy boy in Manhattan society.

Josh leads a promiscuous lifestyle within New York City’s gay sub-culture of the late nineties, where he views himself as a sexual commodity when it comes to men, be they one night stands he picks up in the bars or bath houses or on the web, or Bishop’s well-heeled business associates who pay him.

All this changes when he meets Hylan, a young, bi-racial, down-on-his luck, wheelchair-bound musician who awakens in Josh what love can be between two men. But their chance at happiness and the lives of those around them are instantly and forever changed by 9/11.

czar fb5“Not In It For the Love” follows the publication this past summer of my erotic novel, “The Czar of Wilton Drive” which focuses on the underbelly of the contemporary Fort Lauderdale leather scene. From Kokropress, on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

For more info, check out rpandrewsgayfiction.com on your laptop or gay-erotic-fiction.com on your tablet or smartphone.

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