I Guess You Guys Still Believe in the Tooth Fairy …

I Guess You Guys Still Believe in the Tooth Fairy …

Sort of, I mean. A significant percentage of you who responded to my little poll on finding love on a hook-up site felt it was possible if not difficult.

What did surprise me was how few of you ever used a dating site, and those of you who did were divided in its value. Almost half of you thought you had met guys serious about a relationship; the other half thought your experiences were a sham and all the guy was really after was some cock or ass.

My only experiences thus far with gay dating was with one of those bear dating sites. True, I didn’t troll it like I do the “get me hard, get me off” sites like Manhunt or bear411 or Adam4adam or Daddyhunt or Growl’r or Scruff (I warned you I was a cyber addict – if I ever lose my one typing finger my career as a professional fag is over). But every fucken time I got a ‘hit” it was from some guy on the other side of the country. That I don’t get.

Maybe it’s true what they say about distance making the heart grow fonder (or hard-on grow bigger). All I know I wouldn’t want to take a two stop connecting long distance flight to Utah to find out the guy didn’t read my stats and thought I was six foot five and not five foot six.

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