The Great Truvada Controversy

The Great Truvada Controversy

I’m talkin’ about Truvada, the AIDS preventive, silly, not Trivago, the hotel finder whose ads feature that hot older guy with the tousled hair and the twenty four inch waist.

You may have heard that the AIDS Healthcare Foundation or AHF came down on guys trusting a would-be partner who says he’s on a pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PreEP in the media lingo, like Truvada. In fact, AHF has run full page ads in key urban gay rags saying that the problem is not that Truvada, which has been used for years as a drug for treating AIDS, doesn’t doing what it says it does. It’s that guys even in controlled trial drug studies weren’t fully compliant in taking the med like they were supposed to do. So could you expect any better from the so-called Truvada “whores,” guys out there who love to get laid and are supposedly taking the med to get laid AIDS-free? (Yea, we should be so lucky to have a stud waiting in the wings every time we were horny, right?)

Gee wiz! Hell, I can’t even follow the regimen when it comes to using Rogaine, so who’s surprised.

But here’s the real kicker: the Big anti-AIDS salvation – condoms – that our “community” and the healthcare powers-to-be have been thrusting down our throats relentlessly for the last thirty some years since they discovered that AIDS didn’t come from a bad bottle of poppers or a toilet seat, well, only one in six gay men, a shitty sixteen per cent, use condoms one hundred percent of the time when they fuck. Even more surprising is that this stat hasn’t changed much from the height of the AIDS crisis in the 1980’s.

So what’s the morale of all this?

You have to decide for yourself if you want to fuck with a sleeve or without one. Asking the guy if he’s negative or negative and taking Truvada and making your decision based on his answer is like asking an ISIS terrorist with an American passport if he’s got a bomb shoved up his butt when he boards that jumbo jet bound for New York.

All the AIDS shields in the world mean shit if you don’t use ‘em or don’t use ‘em right.

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