For You Seasoned Guys Planning a Junket to Lauderdale, This Post Is a Must Read

For You Seasoned Guys Planning a Junket to Lauderdale, This Post Is a Must Read

Things, they are a-changing, so say the folk singers and the divorce lawyers, and things are sure changing in the Greater Wilton Manors scene here in Lauderdale for bears and leather men. So listen up:

Hunters, which used to be Boom and is now owned by the same guys who operate Hunters in Palm Springs, has captured the bear/leather crowd on Friday nights big time with cheap drinks and disco dancing. Bills, the old mainstay on Fridays for the over 40 crowd, has apparently suffered, not recapturing its crowd, and then only some of it, til much later in the evening. Even the Ramrod is giving out free drinks on Fridays if you’re in leather, which means it’s running scared too.

Scandals, our gay country western bar, had the advantage of patrons being able to park in the K-mart lot across the street which was half empty even during the day. But K-mart is closing in November and all the property was bought up by Wal-Mart which plans to open a 24/7 Super Center. So there goes Scandals’ parking. It’s solution: valet parking for five bucks which will also buy you TWO drinks. I’m no country western two-stepper, and I don’t know about you, but no way do I want some parking lot jockey touching my car. And when I’m done, I’m done. I don’t want to wait in line with ten guys ahead of me to get my car back. Us Floridians are spoiled. Free and accessible parking is a God given right. Businesses without sufficient parking eventually die. And why should I have to pay anything to spend even more money at your bar? It ain’t the Four Seasons.

I predict Steel, the 99.9% gay gym by the Alibi where the equipment hasn’t been upgraded since I came down here in 2002, will probably close before the end of the year. And Zoo (formerly Gold’s) and even L.A Fitness may be in trouble. The reason? Crunch, a spanking new gym with plenty of parking and just minutes from Wilton Manors, is offering ten bucks a month membership and no contract. So why spend thirty or forty bucks, huh? The crowd is mixed but getting gayer every time I go.

I went to Slammers, our sex club, last Friday night for the first time since I returned from my summer place in PA and found the crowd to be so-so, either too young or too old and neither well, fetching. Please, if you’re gonna to a sex club at least try to look alluring – T-shirt or jeans or something – and not as if you were going food shopping at Wal-Mart. And the Clubhouse, our bath house, has been on life support awhile, while the Club, our other whorehouse, has closed its sauna and steam room for renovation. (Where’s a boy gonna play?)

So if you want quick NSA hookups, either stay at a gay guesthouse or throw yourself on the mercy of the web and phone apps.

Any questions?

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