The Love Boat Is Taking On Water

The Love Boat Is Taking On Water

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It sounds like the public is getting more than just a little fed up with all this gay marriage talk overkill. According to a survey just released by the respected Pew Research Center, support is beginning to wane for same sex marriage among the greater population. And frankly, can you blame them? I know I write about it a lot, but with all the shit going on in this world and all the problems our country faces, the issue of SSM is a piss in the ocean. Hell, even among us gays, while most of us firmly believe it is our civil right, SSM is something the vast majority of us will never exercise. And more people are jumping on the bandwagon of religious rights for businesses and the need by our politicians to consider religion in their decision-making. Not a good trend.

OK, if the Supreme Court had just spit it out last year and when it said it’s unconstitutional, told the states to get their shit together, all this hoopla might have simmered down. But the Court didn’t. Maybe it will next June. Meanwhile, with the topic constantly in the media, we are running the risk that we will lose more ground than we’ve gained.

Want more evidence of the “enough already!” backlash? That’s the more troubling poll stat that half the general population now considers homosexuality a sin, up from 45% a year ago.

I don’t know about you and I’m sounding judgmental here and I don’t give a fuck, but I think contributing to this downslide are all these super, over-the-top effeminate guys being pushed in our faces on the entertainment news shows and celeb series and reality shows. Aren’t there any just regular gay guys out there? Don’t you think this new liberalism on the part of TV may be doing us in with the God-fearing folks in Indiana?

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2 thoughts on “The Love Boat Is Taking On Water

  1. Me

    I agree with that closing paragraph, mostly. But I think that the way sex is always woven into every aspect of gay culture and the emphasis is put on it in most examples, is the bigger issue for why there’s still so much opposition to it, much more so than whether all the queers on tv act like queers instead of regular guys. The US is still mostly a conservative place, and conservatives aren’t always bible thumpers. My family is conservative, but none of them have ever gone to church. None of them hang crosses on their walls or have any strong religious views. But they still don’t agree with gay marriage because they just see it as being unnatural. Even some atheists and agnostics are against it for the same reasons. If you want to swing a conservative mindset closer to agreeing with gay marriage, try showing them less Folsom St parades and more every day all American guys living their lives together the way any other typical American couple might. Rewrite the end of Brokeback so that Heath and Jake get their own place together and take their kids to the park, and at least one of them are still able to keep a respectful friendship with his ex-wife. Seriously, that is one thing that would help convince at least a portion of the mostly conservative folks seeing us as more like them, and less like scary perverts dancing around in leather thongs and having orgies on a giant dildo float going down main street. I wouldn’t even want my kids seeing that kind of shit. And it’s bled over into pop culture of every form. I would say tho, take all those public polls with a grain of salt, on both sides. It all depends entirely on who responded to the polls and what areas of the country or states they were conducted in. Most of them are never all that accurate on issues like this and the same questions can get entirely different results depending on who is conducting it. It’s a wedge issue and it’s used as a political tool, and as a distraction to all the other far more important crap that’s going on in the world, like ISIS and E-bola and whatever the hell Putin is up to. You are right, most gay men will never bother with it anyway. Personally I don’t care one way or the other whether it is legalized everywhere or not. True marriage comes from the heart, not a piece of paper and there are plenty of other legal avenues for most of the laws and loop holes that marriage provides. The tax benefits aren’t there, but so what. I’d rather keep what I’ve earned than make the mistake of marrying a guy who is going to decide 6 months or 3 years later that he’s bored or I’m not giving him enough cock, or he really only married me for a meal ticket and an easy ride, and decides to take off and milk me for every penny he can get. I’ve already been in that situation once with a guy I wasn’t legally married to and he still managed to screw me over financially (from which I’m still trying to recover) and stole a truck, which the state of FL would do absolutely nothing to help me find cause they wouldn’t let me report it stolen, calling it a “domestic dispute”. So yeah, no thanks. If I ever get involved with a guy again on any serious level, I’m damned sure not signing everything I own over to him just to get a few bucks back on my taxes. Wills and PoA’s and insurance policies and medical writs and all those other legal docs can all be changed as necessary, but with marriage and divorce you’re bound by the state to whatever their laws are. And these days, most people don’t have any interest in trying to build a true relationship – it’s all about themselves and what they can get and how much of it. As soon as things get the least bit difficult – like all relationships do at some point – everyone bolts.

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