Here are the Results of My “The Love Boat Is Taking on Water” Poll

Here are the Results of My “The Love Boat Is Taking on Water” Poll

In my blog that ran on Friday, I went over stats from a recent Pew Center poll which indicate the general public is becoming less supportive of gay marriage as all the talk about it intensifies, and are even looking at us a little funnier. Fifty percent think homosexuality is a sin, versus 45% just a year ago.

Yet, half of you felt all the talk about SSM in the media had no bearing on changing public views regarding gays, though a third of you agreed with the poll results that the public may indeed be getting annoyed.

When it came to the Supreme Court, my poll results were more divided. Fifty percent of you thought the Supreme Court has no choice but to finally rule that since a ban on SSM is unconstitutional, the states need to change their laws. But a close forty percent of you thought the Court would do nothing at all and let the issue just linger out there like a bad cut that doesn’t heal.

But there were no doubts where you guys stood on my last question. An overwhelming 75% of you agreed with my conjecture that all those over-the-top effeminate entertainers and celeb show hosts are only perpetuating an image most of us would like to see six feet under. Now whether the cable stations that reap millions in advertising revenues at our expense will change their ways is doubtful.

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