More FB BS

More FB BS

Facebook is demanding cross-dressers, porn stars and transgenders must have their real names on file to have a FB page, and these groups are protesting, concerned there may suffer personal backlash.
Facebook guru Zuckerberg has said hiding behind what he called pseudonyms shows a lack of integrity and insisted that all those who had FB pages must comply with the real names policy.

OK, Mark, but do you know how many guys ask me to friend them who either have no profile pic whatsoever or are using somebody else’s? When that somebody else is a celeb – dead or alive – it’s easy to catch.. But there have been a few guys who I’ve chatted with who when I say, “nice pic, handsome man,” confess it’s not them. Usually, they’re a homely kid.

I know it may be impossible, but I think FB should be cracking down on this form of identity thief. I fully understand there are guys from countries where Western ways (including being out) are forbidden and maybe some exceptions can be made for them. But pictureless profile pics are bullshit, in my mind just as bad as not registering your legal name, and I certainly don’t want to start talking to somebody who I think is a mature guy and find out it’s some 14 year old having wet dreams about men.

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