Most Gays Apathetic About HIV: So What Else Is New?

Most Gays Apathetic About HIV: So What Else Is New?

According the Centers for Disease Control, 12 to 13 percent of gay men are poz, and a third of them don’t even know it. Worse, new infections are on the rise – South Florida is the epicenter for this growth – particularly among younger gays.

Should we be surprised? Not me with all the bare backing I saw going on at our local sex club the other night. It was like the tops were waiting in a deli line for their turn at the bottoms who, on their stomachs in the dark and probably high, couldn’t care less if their mother with a dildo strapped on was fucking them.

Well, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation (Kaiser founded HMO style health care back in the 1940’s in California), over half of the guys polled don’t think HIV will affect them personally. Only 30% of gay and bi-guys have been tested in the last year and the percentage drops even more the younger you get. While 75% of gays polled agree not knowing your HIV status is a major reason for the rise in HIV cases, only a third knew cases were growing to begin with, and one in four thought they were actually dropping.

What fucken planet did you guys drop from?

Yet, despite all this apathy, most neg guys say they would be hesitant to have sex or a long term relationship with a poz guy. And the young guys who aren’t keen on getting tested, well guess what? They’re the ones who would avoid a relationship with a poz guy the most. A little age discrimination going on here, ya think?

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