Would You Trade Your Passwords With Your Partner?

Would You Trade Your Passwords With Your Partner?

It seems to becoming the rage among str8 marrieds in this digital age when so much of our lives are now on our laptops or smartphones. I mean, what if hubby drops dead of a heart attack or is hit by a truck? How will wifey be able to access their bank accounts or utility bills or e-mail accounts or paypals or credit cards online? Worse, what if he ran an eBay-based business?

Right now there’s nothing in the law that addresses this twenty-first century phenomenon, and companies up to now have been somewhat tight-fisted about release of such info to a “next of kin.” A legislator down here in Florida says she will introduce a bill on the issue in the upcoming session of the Florida State Legislature, but one enterprising couple has taken matters into their own hands and have swapped password lists with one another just in case.

Okay, sounds reasonable and smart, right?

Ah, but follow my evil, devious thought process. What about Craig’s List or Manhunt or Growler with their string of cock-teasing messages, or Facebook or your smartphone or laptop loaded with all those delectable selfies you use as bait to lure prospective hotties? Can you see your other half suddenly discovering your whole other life that you’ve been leading while he food shops at Walmart BEFORE you’re dead and he can’t do shit but piss on your grave or throw your ashes down the toilet and take a dump before he flushes you into eternity?

After all, you ain’t got enough money left in your 401K for all that corrective plastic surgery after he bashes that pretty face of yours with a tire iron. Or decides to re-circumcise you while you sleep.

Or have you been such a good, good boy you have ABSOLUTELY nothing to hide?

So, would you trade your passwords with your beloved – RIGHT NOW – huh buddy?

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