The Pubs Are in Control: Now What?

The Pubs Are in Control: Now What?

Well, the Republicans who love us, just love us (sure) now control Congress and many state governorships. I doubt gay marriage is in trouble, but the larger gay agenda may be. The Pubs may even interpret this as a referendum against social change. Worse, our government will be in concrete-encased gridlock for the next two years, meaning almost nothing will change on far more important issues than our shitty little ones, issues like education (our kids are getting stupider and stupider), jobs, (a lot of so-called new jobs are low paying ones) the economy (still owned by Wall Street) , the environment, and the shit going on overseas.

Here in Florida, Flip-flop Dem Crist who at least gave us hope for some change lost to “All Business” Rick Scott by a lousy 80,000 votes in a state with a population of twenty million. And here where I live, Broward County, home of Fort La-de-dah, and the biggest pocket of gays in the state, voter turn-out was low. Who knows if it had been better, the outcome may have been dramatically different.

Last night, I visited the Ramrod for underwear night where, if you prance around practically naked, you get cheap drinks, and me being a part-time alcoholic and a life-time exhibitionist (sad, ain’t it?) heeded the call like Ulysses did the Sirens. So I asked my very, very, very humpy late forty-something bartender I’ve known for years and who at least puts some liquor in my drinks what he thought of the election results and he looked at me as if I had told him I had just bopped a woman.

“Not interested in politics, bro,” he professed and went on to admit he doesn’t even know who the governor is. Is this kind of apathy rampant among our sub-culture despite all our bitching about how str8 society (still the majority, remember that men) shits on us? Are gay guys more interested in getting laid and getting high than trying to make a difference even with their one vote?

If so, do we really have anybody else to blame but ourselves?

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