Big Brother is Right There in Your Hand

Big Brother is Right There in Your Hand

It shouldn’t come as any real surprise, but besides the government spying on us via our laptops and smartphones, Verizon and AT&T which together have over 100 million cellular customers are also tracking our Internet activity using “super cookies” that even the most expert nerd can’t get around.

While the telecommunication giants have supposedly been good boys and alerted customers to that fact, I’m sure few picked up on the news. I didn’t, and I have AT&T on my Samsung. Did you on your little hand-held pc?

Google and Facebook already track their users and sell targeted advertising based on “what they learn” about their clients’ interests and buying habits. Wonder why all those ads for generic Viagra pop up when you do a search after you’ve bought some Rod Starchers online? But apparently the “super cookies” strategy the telecom corps are using are far more sophisticated. It’s like our addiction to our phones is every advertisers’ wet dream.

So, if you’re one of those libertarians who stamp their feet every time there’s a new breach of privacy, just remember. That’s the price for finding HIM on Growl’r.

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