My Southern Rebel Boy

My Southern Rebel Boy

Since my teens, I’ve been something of an amateur Civil War buff. Over the years I’ve collected memorabilia, visited the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, and the Civil War Museum in PA, along with the battlefield at Gettysburg, have bought tons of books on the subject, including one on the primitive medical treatments of the time … you get the idea. I guess the attraction for me has been the romantic, larger-than-life character of the conflict vividly contrasted with all its horror and gruesomeness as documented by photographic pioneer Matthew Brady and others which brought the war home to folks in a way that had never been done before. Hell, it was the war that invented embalming so poor grieving parents, hundreds of miles away, could see their boy as they remembered him when he came home that final time.

This all leads up to my Southern Rebel Boy, Steve, who hit me up late one night on Adam4Adam. He was in town to help some buddy, in just for the night from Saint Augustine in the northern part of Florida which some people jokingly refer to as South Georgia, and was looking for fun with a hairy daddy. Besides being a slightly younger Ethan Hawke look-alike, with a slim, smooth tight body, he had a southern drawl that gave me an erection even before he took his clothes off, and our Daddy-Boy role playing quickly transitioned to a Civil War theme.

“This is what Yankee Daddies do to their Rebel Boys for being on the wrong side of the war!” I blasted as I ate his fuzzy butt in preparation for the main event.

Steve went with the flow.

“What do you mean sir?”

“I’m gonna give your rebel boy butt a good, long, deep Yankee fuck to teach you a lesson.”

“What lesson, sir?”

By now I was thrusting him good.

“That us Yankees call the shots, not you Rebel boys.”

Yea, dad, yea.”

“Learnin’ your lesson my cute rebel boy?”

“Damn, you Yankees know how to fuck. Had I known that when I joined up, I would have fought for the Union!”

We went on like this, him sucking my dick in between me fucking him til we both came. Then we laughed and kissed and he left. His plan was to hit the road for Saint Augustine early the next morning, a good five hour drive. But he promised the next time he was in town, he’d be ready for another heavy duty punishment by his Yankee Dad.

A few days later, I don’t know what motivated me, but I decided to text him. That’s when I thanked him for the evening and told him that he reminded me of Ethan Hawke who costarred with Denzel Washington in “Training Day.”

“Hey, what a compliment. I had an awesome time too.”

“Hope we can do it again, Rebel Boy.”

“Most definitely.”

“After all, your Yankee Daddy still needs to give you a good fucking for being on the wrong side. That’s how us Yankee men treat rebel boys like you by fucking their sweet rebel boy butts til they learn their lesson.”

“Hell yeah!” was his reply.

Wonder if there’s a book out there about the gay side of the Civil War. Who knows, maybe my little fantasy with Steve was no fantasy at all.

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