Kodak Moments

Kodak Moments

For those of you too young to remember, Kodak once ruled supreme in the photographic world, that is until it missed the boat and under-estimated the impact of digital technology which it ironically created. (Thank you, Samsung. Without my Samsung Galaxy, I wouldn’t have been able to take all those scandalous “selfies” that adorn my website and app profiles.) But when Kodak was King, it ran an advertising campaign that encouraged people to use its cameras and film to capture and save those once-in-a-lifetime memories, what its copywriter geniuses cleverly branded “Kodak Moments.”

So what’s a Kodak Moment for me as a gay man?

When it’s more than just mechanical, hit and run sex, which is practical and has its place but is only physiologically satisfying at best. It’s when you connect with a guy on more than just the dick and butt level, when he’s your type and you his, when lust and not expediency (or drugs) drives the two of you to do things you wouldn’t do with other guys but hardly think twice about doing with one another. The setting, be it a comfortable bed or a cramped sex club booth, and time spent, all night or just seventeen uncivilized minutes, are less important than what you do with them. It doesn’t matter if you ever connect again, though at the time the two of you think and even talk about doing just that. The reality is that you did connect and, in the end, that’s somehow enough.

So what’s a Kodak Moment?

It’s loving in the fast lane.

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