The Ferguson Mess

The Ferguson Mess

I’m not here to take sides. The grand jury saw the evidence, heard the witnesses and reached its decision. But for those of you who are cops, or have cops in the family, or know a buddy who’s a cop, I have one question:

Even if Wilson was genuinely threatened by Brown, did he have to kill him?

Aren’t cops trained to wing a suspect, shoot him in the hand or the leg or the shoulder, to incapacitate him? Was killing Brown Wilson’s only split second option?

Maybe I’m just ignorant or maybe I’m naïve, but …

2 thoughts on “The Ferguson Mess

  1. Chuck Roeser

    I think the medical report answers your question of winging shots. I believe there were 5 or 6 wing shots before a finisher. Just how many second lives does a black cat get?

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