Florida? Gay Marriage? OMG!

Florida? Gay Marriage? OMG!

It all started when a lesbian couple married in Vermont where same sex marriage is legal wanted to divorce in Florida where one of them still resides and where SMS isn’t legal. In a bizarre ruling, the judge ruled that if he were to grant them a divorce in Florida, Florida would need to recognize gay marriage and since there was nothing in the Constitution to prevent it, that’s exactly what he did. The judge, mistakenly thinking the State would jump in and appeal it – only it didn’t – revoked his own decision, but that was overturned by another judge. Since the State saw the handwriting on the wall with what had happened in other states and saw no point in fighting the case, well …come January 6, gay marriage becomes law in the Sunshine State.

Now, remember, we’re talking about the Deep South here. Red Neck Territory, despite all the liberal former New Yorkers on the East Coast, and a predominantly Republican State where the Pubs won big time in the mid-term elections.

So, New York, L.A., D.C.: Get ready for some competition in the marriage business game. Yea, NYC may have that phallic symbol, the Empire State Building, LA its gayer-than-a-three-dollar-bill Hollyweird, and D.C., another size queen’s wet dream, the Washington Monument. But South Florida is the only place in the lower Forty Eight that two newlyweds can lay on the beach buck naked on their honeymoon – in February.

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