Well, Here Are The Results of My “Cut or Uncut” Poll

Well, Here Are The Results of My “Cut or Uncut” Poll

A week ago, I reported that the federal Centers for Disease Control had just come out with a preliminary report advocating circumcision as a way to reduce the incidence of STD infections, including HIV. This, at a time when the circumcision rate is continuing to drop, the American Academy of Pediatrics takes a totally opposite view that getting circed is unnecessary, even dangerous, and foreskin advocates label the procedure barbaric.

As part of my posting, I decided to poll you guys, and although I admit my poll is hardly statistically scientific, my results were, to say the least, interesting, even surprising.

Guys age 40 and over corresponded percentage wise to guys who were cut mostly at birth. Yet, while many guys who responded liked their men both ways, a slight majority (58%) preferred uncut men to cut, and about 1 out of 4 cut guys would have preferred to have some droopy skin left.

Me? I’m cut, enjoy being cut, and prefer ‘em cut, but find the occasional uncut guy I play with fun, and there are plenty of them down here with our large Latin population.

Viva la difference!

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