Florida Nearly Fucks It up Again – This Time with Gay Marriage

Florida Nearly Fucks It up Again – This Time with Gay Marriage

In other anti- gay marriage states, even after protracted legal suits, when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the state’s appeal, that state threw in to the towel and dropped its ban. Oh, but not here in Florida. Our just re-elected Republican Attorney General Blonde Bimbo Bondi, who I think is channeling Anita Bryant, attempted to put a halt on the lifting of the ban here, scheduled for next Tuesday, by appealing her case to the Supreme Court. But even after the Court said no, she continued her rantings, arguing that since the lawsuit brought by a gay couple that started it all here took place in a northern county, only that county could issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.


Besides being grossly discriminatory to the rest of Florida’s gay residents, most of whom live down in South Florida where I am, her continued actions in futility are costing us tax payers dollars that would have been much better spent.

What form of no don’t you understand, bitch?

Well, the federal judge who ruled on the original lawsuit and ordered the ban lifted put an end to this circus on Thursday by declaring that his ruling applied to the entire state. I’m sure there will be a parade in Wilton Manors, our gay ghetto and one of the largest in the country, come Tuesday. And the Fort Lauderdale Tourism Bureau, anticipating a lot more honeymoons in the Sunshine State, is planning a mega- one hundred marriage event on the beach this winter.

Want me to rent one of those beach lounge chairs so you can watch for yourself, huh, Bondi?

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