Is It Too Late?

Is It Too Late?

We thought it would never happen here, but after 9/11, we figured our intelligence, restructured after the WTC fuck-up, would save us.

Then, after billions of dollars and thousands of dead and maimed soldiers and civilians, we thought taking out their leaders would do the trick.

But all that did was leave a vacuum for even crazier zealots to move in.

Maybe at one point there was an opportunity to wipe them out, but now, unlike the Nazis who were a focused enemy, they’re like cockroaches who have invaded a tenement building, infiltrating every continent and every country worth infiltrating, with guerillas either trained by them or brainwashed by their warped message clothed in religious fervor. Treasonous expatriates with American passports, or French passports, or British passports only a jet ride away.

So what did we learn from Paris, the latest in a string of terrorist-backed or inspired massacres, or Sony, the latest in hacking nightmares?

Is it, that despite all our rhetoric and chest-pounding and flag waving and bravado, we have lost and they – whether they are a terrorist cell or lone wolf or fifteen year old hacker – have won?

So we nail the culprits.

So what?

More attacks with bullets or 0’s and 1’s are a certainty. The only uncertainty is when and where.

At Targets while you’re shopping

At the gym, working out.

Or at a bar on a Saturday night, unwinding.

Suddenly all your muscles and career moves and tech toys and friends and lovers mean absolutely nothing.

Is it too late?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Is It Too Late?

  1. Randy Clark

    As much as this was a terrible crime, I can’t but think that Charlie Hebdo did a lot to bring this upon themselves. The material they publish would probably get them branded as a hate group in a lot of places in the U.S. I mean, try the same thing they did with cartoon caricatures of some Jewish icon, or of Christianity, and imagine the outrage and self-righteous indignation. The screams of “anti-Semitism”. But CH does the same thing for Muslim icons, and we’re supposed to think, what? Who cares? It’s just Muslims? They don’t have the white European seal of approval? As David Brooks of the New York Times said: “I am not Charlie Hebdo”. Count me among that group. Not that I think they deserved the death sentence for what they did, but I’ve also been around long enough and traveled enough to recognize that much of the world does not think and believe as WASPS do, right or wrong, and if you fuck with them, they’re going to fight back. QED.

    1. Randy, reading in my local paper today about some of the ways they portrayed Mohammend I have to agree with you. Their drawings apparently included the Muslim founder posed in pornographic positions. What if some one depicted Christ blowing one of his disciples? It’s just that Christians and even Jews may complain but take it on the chin. Why were they so vehemently anti-Muslim? Probably it was a cultural thing, you’re right, you wouldn’t get away with it here in the U.S.; I had a Parisian student a few years who told me they welcomed the Muslims in to do the dirty jobs French felt beneath them. Now they’re surrounded.

      What I also don’t understand is their offices were fire-bombed previously. Didn’t they learn from that and have air-tight security doors. So the editor had a body guard; I understand he got killed too.

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