We’re All Addicted !!!

We’re All Addicted !!!

First it was to caffeine, nicotine and liquor.

Then for the more sophisticated there was cocaine, heroin, meth and pills.

But now there’s an addiction raging across the country that makes all the others look like a piss in the ocean.

It’s smartphoneitis!!

Both str8’s and gays suffer from it, though I think us gay boys are particularly wedded to our phones and all those devilish pick-up phone apps or for those of us who work from home can stay in touch while playing hooky ….

We use them in the gym in between or instead of working out …

We use them in the bars instead of socializing and cruising …

We use them on the beach instead of non-conspicuously gawking at the near naked eye candy …

We use them crossing the street or riding our bikes or driving our cars when our eyes should be elsewhere …

We use them on the bowl… yea, we use them everywhere.

Except maybe in Lauderdale’s local sex club where smartphones are “forbodden.” You know, management doesn’t want the boys to be texting hot pics back to family and friends.

But why are we all so addicted?

Do our phones represent our link to the world?

Make us feel less alone?

Serve as our electronic pimps?

Or is holding that piece of hard plastic and metal that never goes soft in your hand a dick lover’s wet dream?

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