“No One is Born Gay”

“No One is Born Gay”

So says Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays, another one of those conversion therapy advocates, that recently posted a billboard on Interstate 95 in Virginia urging that gay people can “turn” str8 if they put their minds to it.

On its website, the group gets even more predictably bizarre: “People deserve to know the truth about the many men, women and children who have made a decision to change their lives … it’s important to remember that sexual orientation is a matter of self- affirmation and public declaration.”


Sexual orientation is a genetic roll of the dice. Period. True, upbringing and environment can either re-enforce it or repress it, and guys and gals can make a conscious decision to lead a str8 existence, and sublimate their natural desires. But that doesn’t change one damn thing – they’re still gay inside and will be to the day they die. Some are successful in pretending; for others, such repression only leads to supreme frustrations that manifest themselves in outrageous behaviors, even criminal ones, when the individual can no longer hold back.

Hey, I never had any guilt trips about my sexual orientation, not in my teens when I realized I liked guys not girls, nor later when I found there was a whole world out there populated by people like me. I was lucky. I came out at the beginning of Gay Liberation, but even in those early years being “out” on the job left you ostracized and unemployed. Yet that didn’t deter me from expressing my sexuality on my own time. Nor did I ever feel I was a terrible person for doing so, just a discrete one at a time when discretion was common sense.

Having said all that, what’s my acid test for why I think the conversion therapy freaks are dead wrong? Who, even in this enlightened age, would “choose” to be gay in a society overwhelming dominated and controlled by str8’s where being str8 is just easier?


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