What If The Supreme Court Says No?

What If The Supreme Court Says No?

The Supreme Court recently announced that it will decide, once and for all, whether gay marriage should be the law of the land – in all fifty states – by the end of its term this June.

So what if the Supreme Court says no?

Highly unlikely, since the have-nots (14 states) are greatly outnumbered by the have’s (36 states and D.C.), but if for whatever reason the Court does a flip-flop and decides that gay marriage is not protected by the Constitution or is a states’ rights issue to be decided by each state, can you picture the social and legal chaos that would create in those states where it’s already law? Would the gay community become a new, homegrown ISIS and start terrorist guerilla warfare with str8 society? (Finally all those juiced up muscleboys would have something to do with their pecs besides looking pretty.) Or would str8’s turn on us? Start raiding our bars, start arresting us in our ghettos for petty shit. Or worse.

Would a no from the Supreme Court give the homophobics the justification, the ammunition to not only hate us more but turn on us in ways we haven’t even imagined?

And trying to get an amendment to the Constitution to allow SSM through a Republican Congress would be harder than trying to fuck a tight nineteen year never-been-fucked ass with a dick high on meth.

What If the Supreme Court says yes?

Most likely, but would the states that have fought the inevitable, like the South did after the civil rights legislation was passed in the sixties, block entrance to their marriage license offices, tie it all up in bureaucratic bullshit, or resist with a guerilla army of their own? Maybe even get the GOP driven Congress to pass an amendment to support their notion of marriage?

Would a yes actually fuel a new wave of homophobia?

And BTW, where would all this leave polygamy and polyamorous relationships? Hey, if two guys can get married now, why not three guys, or a guy and two gals?

Well, why not?

But with all the other shit our country is facing, and with the “sanctity” of marriage pontificated by the Church in the sewer anyway (60% of hetero hook-ups end in divorce), don’t you think we all have better things to worry about?

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