Why Obama’s State of the Union Failed Us

Why Obama’s State of the Union Failed Us

Look, I ain’t wealthy and I ain’t poor, but as I see it Obama’s grand plan to assist the middle class as outlined in his State of the Union message the other night ain’t gonna help ME. Okay, there are those of you who are married with kids either from previous str8 marriages, adoption or the petri dish, but let’s talk turkey: six out of ten gay guys and gay girls are sinks (solo income no kids) or dinks (double income no kids), at least in the eyes of the law and the tax man. And from what I experienced during both my working life and now retired one, single people with a couple bucks get the shaft.

I know, I know, bambinos are our future social security checks besides being the future of our society (that is if they got at least ten brain cells), but, and forgive me if I sound egocentric (as if you didn’t know that already), as a gay man who paid through the nose in taxes when I was working, and still do today, not one of Obama’s proposals will help me, Mr. Solo Gay Man. I don’t have kids so what the fuck do I care about child care or free college. Frankly, many of the students I taught in my college teaching days would have been better off if they pursed plumbing.

What Obama is saying very pragmatically is while those in this society with dependents and all the other write-offs associated with a family should get a break, we solo boys and girls really get shit on. In fact, all we’re doing is subsidizing other people’s fucking. (If you own a house or condo, did you ever take a look at the portion of your real estate tax that goes to schools?)

If Obama and Washington are going to spend money they rob from the one percent, spend it on stuff for the common good – our infrastructure, which is a joke in the wealthiest, most powerful country in the world, or on environmental change before everything goes to hell, or in real improvements in elementary and high school curricula where the foundation for living responsibly begins. (Three out of ten high school students don’t graduate.) I agree families and single parents that have become a norm in this society have a hard time affording child care but why should that be my problem? (Plus, I’m convinced not having a parent at home during those developmental years leads to fucked up adults later in life.)

As for college – even community college where tuition is a fraction of what it is in private schools – well, I worked part-time throughout my undergraduate and graduate years with modest help from the folks and still maintained a 4.0. Obama is proposing aid to students who graduate high school with a 2.5 average? That’s a C+, unacceptable for college material. If you can’t achieve at least a B, look at some other occupation that a good two year certification program or trade school can give you and make more money than most Ph.D’s I’ve known. In my day, you had to be college material; then when I taught college I discovered we had to remediate students to get them up to college level. Huh? Maybe some more parenting and less emphasis on the high school rah-rah team glitz would make the difference.

And when it comes to affordable health care, I don’t see people coming up to the plate and losing weight and stopping smoking, the two primary contributors to raising health costs and premiums.

So while it’s fine and dandy to pap the hands of the sick and grease the dicks of the fucking, what about the rest of us who work hard, eat healthy, exercise, and live within our means. Huh? What’s Obama’s grand plan for us?

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