A Plug For My New Venture: SuperSmartResumes.com and More!

A Plug For My New Venture: Super Smart Resumes and More!


I mean for a new job.

It’s a new year and for some of you that may mean looking for a job or switching to a new one. With pay raises at an all-time low or non-existent, many people have no choice but to flip or fall behind in the inflation race.

So, whether you need to have your current resume reviewed, or are looking for one from scratch, consider Super Smart Resumes. That’s me, which means you’ll benefit from my over thirty years as a New York City executive and business writer who hired and fired, and who later taught college writing as an adjunct professor for a leading university, including resume writing.

I’m not just familiar with the real business world – I’ve lived it and can share that experience with you.

Besides your resume, I can also assist you in drafting that all important cover letter or e-mail, important because it’s the first thing a prospective employer sees. If it doesn’t fit the job description, your resume will never be read and may end up in the “circular file.” I’ll even prep you for the interview your resume hopefully generates, anticipating what questions you may be asked, and how to answer them competently and professionally

Want to know more? Visit supersmartresumes.com

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