Is Incredible Male Beauty A Barrier To Long Term Love?

Is Incredible Male Beauty A Barrier To Long Term Love?

We’ve all seen them – maybe you’re one of them – those incredibly handsome fuckers, the one percent of gay society, who have it all – the face, the body, the height, the age, the demeanor – that you’d blow the entire credit line on your clean Visa card to spend one night with them. And more times than not, they’re with their clone buddies or clone lover, in the club, shirtless of course, caressing or kissing unabashedly right on the dance floor for the rest of us mere mortals to gawk at with envy.

But the other night as I watched a few of these blessed couples do their thing at Lauderdale’s local dance club, Hunter’s, I wondered if being incredibly beautiful is necessarily a recipe for long term happiness. I’ve known some of these near perfect specimens of manhood in my life – even tricked with a few of them – and in talking to them about their relationships I was surprised to find that many are not really satisfied, nor do their match-ups with top shelf men like themselves last. Even when both guys are stable, financially comfortable, and addiction-free (no drugs or alcohol to muddy the waters), clashing egos (who’s prettier and getting the most stares in the supermarket) begin to erode their once happy nest.

Many incredibly good looking guys are also incredibly insecure, and even when they’ve hooked onto someone who they thought was the love of their life, they’re constantly worrying they may lose them to somebody better. And when temptation is all around, can you blame them? Or one begins to get itchy, even frustrated, that by passing up other men in his effort to remain loyal he’s missing something.

After all, you can only stay pretty for so long.

So what happens? Many times those “it’s only you babes” relationships transition to “we only play together” to “you go your way, I go mine” until one day, sooner or later, somebody else comes along and puts the whole protracted soap opera into auto replay.

Wonder why then, if money is not in the equation (plain is supporting pretty), you see a lot of hot guys paired off with so-so’s (no competition), or why maybe being average or even sub-average or living or staying put in a small town or metropolis and not moving to a mega-gay-polis like L.A. NYC or Fort Lauderdale where good looking men are as plentiful as cockroaches in a tenement walk-up is actually healthier for long term relationships?

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