The Alabama Soft Shuffle

The Alabama Soft Shuffle

State appeals of federal judge’s decisions re. gay marriage have been going on for a while, and just about every one of them eventually caved in. But what happened in Alabama this week to me is indicative of what may happen in the future on a couple of fronts. And if any of you are from Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana, I wanna hear from you on this.

First, the state’s own Supreme Court had the balls to reject a federal – a federal – judgment that the state could not ban same sex marriages on Constitutional grounds. It took the United States Supreme Court to step in and order them no way. Yet, Alabama still fought the edict from on high, reminiscent of how Southern states fought the civil rights legislation back in the sixties.

Will we see more of this backlash in the weeks and months ahead, supported even in states where it’s legal by the Religious Right?

Secondly, by being butch this time and saying outright that Alabama was dead wrong, the U.S. Supreme Court may have tipped its hand on what its final decision will be regarding same sex marriage nation-wide come June.

But what I find particularly odious is that one of the two conservative justices on the bench who supported the Alabama ban but was outvoted was Clarence Thomas, an African-American who owes his career, in part, to the civil rights fight. And many blacks share his views, mostly on religious grounds, despite the parallels between their fight for equal rights and ours.

More damning, again when it comes Justice Thomas, is the fact he even owes his marriage to the civil rights movement. He is married to a Caucasian woman, an attorney, but that would have never happened had the Supreme Court not struck down laws against miscegenation or marriage between the races in 1967. Many gay advocates point to this decision as a forerunner to what is happening today in our arena.

Interesting, very interesting. Maybe what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander.

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