The Oscars

This year’s Oscar telecast drew the smallest viewership in six years. I watched it more out of old habits since about the only movie nominated that I saw was “Gone Girl.” Could it be that the blockbusters most people- particularly younger people that advertisers lust for – aren’t worthy of an Oscar nod, and us old geezers just don’t go to see them either? Is there a disconnect between the Academy and its audiences? I think so.

Patrick Neal Harris made a very telling remark when he pointed out that the best picture nominees grossed a total of $600 million, not much when you consider “Titanic” twenty years ago netted one billion on its own, and that half of that $600 million was attributable to one movie, “American Sniper.” So the artistically well done pics apparently aren’t pulling ‘em in.

It could be that the low viewership of the show could also be due to a weariness of the “I love you – you love me” mentality of Hollywood. I don’t know about you but I’m gettin’ real tired of all this celebrity worship in our society. Who gives a fuck what some actress is wearing, huh, except the designer who’s looking for publicity?

Remember, even George Clooney has to visit that small room in the morning.

For me, the highpoint of the show was Lady Gaga who has a beautiful voice not dependent on the amplifications of rock music technology. As for the most bizarre moment, it was hands down Neil Patrick Harris running around in his briefs. Yea, he’s got a great bod (and basket) for a forty something year old man, but what exactly was that all about? Frankly he looked like a jerk.

BTW, for you trivia nuts like me, rumor has it the Academy Awards statue got its name “Oscar” supposedly from Bette Davis who, when she won her first, exclaimed, “He looks just like my Uncle Oscar!”

Off to the Keys this week – chat later.

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