Please, Please Cross Ben Carson Off The List of Presidential Hopefuls!

Please, Please Cross Ben Carson Off The List of Presidential Hopefuls!

Look, I know that most of us gay guys would probably vote for Hillary in a heartbeat, but her star is starting to get tarnished with all that Benghazi-private e-mail bullshit that the Republicans would love to hang her on. And who knows, she might not run at all, figuring the cards are stacked against her with a Republican controlled Congress. (I’m sure the negativity towards Obama has an undercurrent of racism in it, as would the negativity against Hillary for being female.)

Meantime you got most of the Pub Presidential hopefuls like Walker, Rubio, etc., all coming out for traditional marriage. But who gives a fuck? However the wind blows, it will be up to the Supreme Court to decide come June.

Now, the first time around I voted for Obama because his Republican opponent John McCain appeared to have one foot on the banana peel, and I sure as hell didn’t want gosh darn Palin as President. But I must confess I’ve been grossly disappointed in the President since then and voted for Romney, for all his conservative views, the second time around since I felt we needed a decisive business-oriented guy in the White House. You may not agree, but subsequent events may have proven me right.

Okay, but getting back to the Pub views on SSM: being a marriage traditionalist is one thing, but saying being gay is a choice is another. And coming from the mouth of a supposedly highly educated man like Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, makes that remark even crazier. He also claims that going to prison as a str8 guy makes you gay by the time you come out. Oh, but Dr. Carson has told reporters that his opposition to same sex marriage doesn’t mean he’s anti-gay, but he was sure to mention pedophilia and bestiality in the same breath to explain why he thinks gay marriage is wrong.


Just another hopeful that will fade into the background, like Christie who scored zilch at the CPAC conference?

Well, not so fast.

Carson’s in the top fourth or fifth place when it comes to potential candidates conservatives like. Should Bush, who’s considered a moderate, get the nomination, the Republican leadership, to placate its Tea Party members, and knowing that it needs to court the minority vote the next time around, may give Carson, who’s black, the VP nod.

But, looking at the bigger picture, what does all of this say about a big chunk of the American public?

That a lot of folks stlll think we walk into a voting booth at twelve and a half and choose our sexual orientation.

Scary, real scary.

Post Script: in response to the expected harsh reaction his remarks created, Carson came out with an apology: “I regret that my words …were hurtful and divisive … I am not a politician and answered the question without really thinking about it thoroughly.”

You believe him? Not me.

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