The Results of My Survey on Phone Apps and Their Public Service Announcements Mixed

The Results of My Survey on Phone Apps and Their Public Service Announcements Mixed

March 4th I posted a blog, “Rearranging the Deck Chairs” which questioned the value of public service announcements re. HIV testing on the notorious hook-up phone apps. Well, the results of my survey that followed, instead of pointing in one direction, were kinda mixed. You know, like a pretty man with a small dick or a homely guy which one down to the floor.

Seventy five per cent of the respondents as I kinda expected were over 40, 25%under 40. Those of you who used the phone apps most of the time were virtually tied with those of you who said you used them rarely. When you did use them, 60% of you said you checked them out at home which blew a hole in my assumption that most of you were using them to scope guys on the run. But the good new is the overwhelming majority of you -75% – said you’d pursue a guy you dug, not just use the apps for another jerk-off session.

As for checking out the public service announcements like the ones run by HIV organizations, the vote again was split. Almost 50% of you said you read them, the other half said you rarely did. But when it came to acting on their advice or thinking them of value, a slight majority of you said you would and thought they were a good thing.

So, like advertisers say, sex sells, in this case, getting some worthwhile info out there after you drool over “Mr. Right Now.”

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