There’s Stupid. Then There’s Real Stupid!

There’s Stupid. Then There’s Real Stupid!

This ran in the “Letters to the Editor” in my local paper yesterday here in Fort Lauderdale, Home of the Gay Retired Lonely Hearts:

“Sorry, but I had to laugh when I saw the story about another man being robbed by someone he just met and invited into his home.

Come on guys, how many men has this happened to just in the last six months? Do you really think that this young, pretty hooker really wants a lasting relationship? Bringing someone who you just met into your residence is dangerous and stupid.

The detective that was interviewed called the crime a confidence crime. I do not agree with anyone stealing from another, but in my opinion this was a stupidity crime all the way.”

You go girl! (The author was a woman.)

The same can be said for these idiots who use the N word in public (the latest being those moronic college kids in Oklahoma) and think nobody (like a 13 year with his smartphone) is watching. Hey, you can’t legislate people’s attitudes, but come on, if you spit out a racial or gender or hate slur in a public place and think you won’t get caught, think again.

BTW, that’s why, with all my scandalous writing and all my scandalous pics on FB, I’ll never run for President. But hell, my campaign might fetch me a few hotties.

Huh, whatya think?

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