The Results Of Monday’s “Is Bisexuality” To Be Envied?” Survey

The Results Of Monday’s “Is Bisexuality” To Be Envied?” Survey

On Monday I asked you guys if you thought bisexuals were for real or closet cases. And while the overwhelming number of you identified yourself as gay, 60% of you thought bisexuals were genuine versus 40% who agreed with my take that they’re mostly BS.

However, what was most interesting is the fact that those who ID’d yourselves as gay were not envious and had no interest in playing both sides of the fence, and the 8% of guys who identified yourselves as Bi were comfortable in your own skin.

No hang-ups! To that I say “Mazel tov!”

As I explored in my blog, “The Pan Sexual Generation” many Millineas, the twentysomethings of American society, unlike us Baby Boomer gays who felt we had to choose a gay lifestyle, are no longer compartmentalized in their sexual or social lives. They have gay friends and str8 friends and fuck women and fuck men. Maybe in the end, is this a healthier way to look at sex and gender relationships?

Who knows?

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