I’m Letting My Beard Grow Long. Any Grooming Tips?

I’m Growing My Beard Long – Any Grooming Tips?

I grew a beard in my twenties to look older and never looked back. Now that I’m just old, I keep it half out of habit, but mostly because I like the look – both on myself and my men.

I’ve usually kept it white collar office trim (even if I’ve used enough “Just for Men” over the years to fill a fair size warehouse). But now suddenly inspired by some guys in the gym and in the bars and their hillbilly looks, I’ve bearddecided to let it just grow. Hey, I ain’t got no job to go to anymore, and I don’t give a fuck if I end up looking like a cross between a homeless guy and a younger Charlie Manson.

Normally when I hadn’t trimmed for about a week it started getting itchy, but I found dandruff shampoo and a good moisturizing body wash has helped me avoid that. And a bearded buddy at the Ramrod, our leather bar, educated me about beard oil you can order online to keep it kissin’ soft.

But how the fuck do you trim a wooly beard without fucking it up?

I googled “trimming a long beard” and came up with a video that instructs you to use a comb and scissors. But that’s too much fucken work. I have a beard trimmer and put it on its lowest setting and clipped a few of the stray hairs, but I don’t know if that’s gonna do the job long term.

So, you guys out there who grow it long – any suggestions?

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